Advent of Code 2021 Reflections

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I thoroughly enjoyed working through the Advent of Code 2021 problems this year and feel accomplishment after attaining all 50 stars. My language of choice this time was Python 3.10 which was refreshing to play with some of the modern features given I work mostly in TypeScript these days.


The supporting toolchain for Python I used to write code quickly was:

  • black
  • isort
  • flake8
  • mypy

The addition of PEP 484 and application in mypy felt similar to TypeScript with flexible typing on top of a dynamically typed language allowing for fast iteration. The combination of black/isort/flake8 for formatting and linting also worked great as the analog of prettier/eslint for JS.


Check out my repo tzyl/aoc21 for full solutions and accompanying notes explaining the high level techniques employed.